Thursday, 1 March 2012

spread the love...

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post, I was overwhelmed by all your support and encouragement.
One comment I'd like to share here in case you didn't see it, was left by my mate Alison in Germany.  She's known me since were were 11 and is one of my dearest friends.

"Having witnessed your cataplexy first hand I want to assure you that while the first time is slightly disconcerting for the onlooker, it almost immediately becomes nothing "special" (ah, that's just Sarah slumping down the kitchen units again). Also, you unintentionally give your conversational partners a bit of an ego boost (that last joke was so good she lost consciousness! How witty am I?!). In fact you've got so many lovely friends there you'll probably have to make an effort to have more attacks so that everyone gets a chance to catch you!"

Also, my brother pointed out "surely with all those quilts and cushions and fabric and stuff you're basically gonna be in a big padded cell anyway..."  

Quite a few of you asked if I could do a "what to do when.." guide to, well, me.   So here goes.  Obviously this is not how to deal with all Narcoleptics, I'm only talking bout ME!  

Its all kinda obvious really, and I don't want to be condescending... Basically, don't take offence!  I get tired.  Sometimes its suddenly, sometimes it only lasts a minute or so, sometimes I need to shut my eyes for a couple of minutes.   I swear, I'm not intentionally rude,but apparently I often look like I'm pissed off and bored when really its just, unfortunately, my face..tiredness.   I'm not going to be offended if you want to say "have you been paying attention?", just don't you be offended if the answer is "no..."
If I need to take a nap, there's no need to quiet down and whisper or leave.  Just carry on with whatever was going on, I'll come round soon enough.  Be warned tho, sometimes, just sometimes, I can sleep but still hear everything.......  hehehe...

As for the falling over, pretend I've not told you about it!  Don't worry about making me laugh, really, I want to laugh.  Just don't worry if I wobble about or go cross eyed!  If I'm holding something, it'd be nice if you could maybe make sure I don't spill or drop it...  If my knees are going and I'm not already leaning on something, it'd be nice if who ever is next to me could hold my elbow or put an arm round my waist or something, just so I don't end up on the floor.... If, and this is rare, if I get a mental fit of the giggles and cant stop collapsing, help me to sit - maybe on the floor but leaning against you.  That'd be super.  

But I'm hoping that the enormous excitement that's building will generate enough adrenaline to keep me going!

Right, bit of a boring post, sorry!  I've not been sewing much, but I have gotten a start on my For the love of solids Project....

Foundation Paper Piecing Fun...  spot the mistake...

And, before I go, I MUST remember my manners and say a bit thank you to three LOVELY bloggers, who have all passed a bloggy award on to me in the last couple of weeks.  
Siobhan at Shevy London who does some pretty wonderful FMQ, and made me this lovely hanging

Shevys mini quilt

Giles at Touch and Sew who is a sweet toothed nutcase exceptionally clever chap who made his first quilt despite not actually being able to see...

Giles' first quilt!

and Nadia at Multicoloured Pieces who not only writes a fascinating blog but is also the most amazing fabric artist...

"post revolution in my garden"
The rules of the Liebster are as follows

1. Thank the giver and link back to her/him.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks and leave a comment on their blog.
3. Copy and paste the award on your blog.
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love too!

Now here's where I have a wee bit of a problem... Since I've had to cut down on the number of blogs I read, or I 'd never get anything done, I don't really know of many new blogs...  So.  Here's what I'm going to do.  I'm going to check out small blogs on Lilys Quilts,  and the first 5 that I really like I'll award.
I know its perhaps not following the rules, but I think it needs to spread its wings a bit!

1.  Vikki @  The Cosy Tea  who has loads of gorgeous projects on the go
2. Nicole @ Mama Love Quilts who's February round up was stuffed with really really cool projects
3.  Mina @ Kinda Quilty who's mod mood quilt had my jaw on the carpet its so freakin awesome...
4. Kelly @ Jeli Quilts  who made one of my favourite pouches in the Mouthy Stitches swap
5. Alison  @ The Procrastinating Sketcher cos I love her...  


  1. Thanks for the guide, it is going to be a great fun time. I like your brother's view of the quilters, all hanging about in a padded cell! Congratulations on the awards!

  2. Aw, shucks...
    Like the windmill Thing!

  3. We are gonna have so much fun 1-uping each other to make you pass out. *mwahahaha*.

    No really. It will be fine. You'll see :-)

    I dont see the mistake btw... is it that the aqua one is slightly too small? Or am I being picky....

  4. Och sure, I talk shite most of the time anyway, you'll never notice if you nod off mid ramble ;o)

    Now I'm telling you, there's nothing wrong with that sodding rainbow, it's you!!!

  5. Love the windmill block - can't spot the mistake, are you sure there is one?!! (Or am I having a really blonde day?!). And I love the 'What to do when Sarah's having a moment' guide - it's brave of you to be so open and honest about things and hopefully this'll reassure and help prevent anyone feeling they need to wind in the funny or permanently station themselves at your're going to have such a great time!!

  6. A great post Sarah - it will be fun to meet you and hopefully keep you upright or not as it happens.

  7. This is great for me to read - now I know what to do if you decide to sleep when we're running for a train (leave you behind?)! Only joking! Apart from an extra shade being added to the 7 rainbow colours, I can't see a mistake! Do tell! Jxo

  8. Oh how I wish I were there. I would stay right with you so that I could roll up pieces of paper and stick them out of your mouth while you are out! Or maybe I would hide funny hats in my bag and take pictures of you in them while you are sleeping - of course making it look like you are awake. Oh the fun I would have....seriously though...I wish I could be there because I know it will be a grand time.

  9. cannot see a mistake it looks great !!

  10. you are foolin... there is no mistake! congrats on the award, you deserve it and much more! ;) xo

  11. i just read rhondas comment. she totally cracks me up!

  12. There is no mistake - unless you forgot that it's really for ME! Totally gorgeous!

    Good to know what to do - take joke book and catcher's mit and I'm ready!

  13. I missed your last post Sarah, but I wanted to stop by and say that I think you're pretty darned amazing! I hope you have a blast at the Quilting 'retreat' in your padded cell and I'm sure you'll be surrounded by lovely people who will be more than happy to assist you should you get a little sleepy etc ;o)

    Congrats on your well deserved awards too!

  14. It's all going to be fine!
    Can't see any mistake - or was the mistake posting the perfect photo?

  15. See, it'll be just fine. Love the block can't spot the mistake!!

  16. I can't see a mistake there ... but you know why that is, yes, I have my head in the cake tin! I'm sure there's no mistakes in that rainbow though!

    Also laughing at Rhonda's suggestions, and looking forward to any photos inspired by that! ... if I caught you dozing off I'd make a sign saying "homeless quilter, please spare all the fabric you can!"

  17. Love the block but can't see the mistake. It'll be fine at the retreat.

  18. I read your last post and this one to my daughter and we were trying to imagine what it must be like to doze off in the middle of things. She said "Wouldn't that be bad if you were using a sewing machine?!" Todays post made us both chuckle though.

    I can see no mistake in that block at all!

  19. Hello lovely, another chuckle-making post from my friend in the north :) I'll be happy to sit on the floor with you any time...and like the others, I've scrutinised the lovely rainbow and I can't find anything wrong with it - can you enlighten me please? xx

  20. I missed your last post but wanted to reiterate what everyone else has already said - it will be totally fine :).

    There is nothing wrong with that rainbow!!

  21. Oh wow, thank you! Ive fallen off the radar the last month both with blogging and sewing so this is a completely lovely kick back in to both! I am really touched.

    I also need to add my vote to seeing nothing wrong with that block, it looks pretty much perfect

  22. That was beautifully written: not whingy or whiny or pathetic, just matter of fact and useful! Bravo, and no, I can't see the deliberate mistake, do share!!

  23. Sarah, I like your solids project. I can't find the mistake!
    Thanks for awarding me the Liebster! I'm honored that you'd pick me!

  24. Had to laugh at the padded cell comment!
    And I ahve tried and tried but I cannot spot the mistake in the rainblw block (am relieved because it looks as if nobody else can either)

  25. You're a star Sarah... I bet you'll have a fabulous time at the FQ retreat. I am looking and looking and can't see the mistake... Arrrrrgh!

  26. is it a pink mistake?
    can't WAIT to see the pics from the retreat - possibly incriminating? lol.

  27. So glad you posted this, I now know to basically ignore your odd behaviour unless you need a shoulder, arm, body to lean on and not find it offensive that you're paying no attention to me. cool ;) Seriously we are going to have the best time!! Just want you to be safe. Now what the heck are you on about with that paper piecing?? It looks awesome!!

  28. Sorry I have been at a retreat all weekend and am gong back through posts, so this may be a bit late.

    Thanks for the info about what to do. I just found out on Thursday that my gym trainer has narcolepsy! I said, I have a friend who does too! LOL.

    I can't imagine holding HIM up should he blank out on me! So I guess I will just knock him away from the weight table.