Tuesday 12 March 2013

Dance FUNCy dance

Ooh I am in trouble here... and fingers crossed I'll be forgiven.  You see, a certain little  Fugly Needle Case came to visit me - and the poor little thing has had to sit and wait 3 months for the house driver to return from sea!  Well, I had to make sure I showed little FUNCy a good time, and that just wasn't going to happen without man to take us out and about.  Sorry Annaliese, thank you so much for sending him, and Rhonda, hope you'll find your nagging patience has paid off.

FUNCys First Big Day Out.

(If you are not in the UK or if you are and you don't watch telly, then watch this first!)

Little FUNCy went looking 
up north for some friends.  
He loved him some 80's,
 he was down with those trends,
Fleetwood Mac on the telly 
and a dancer so sweet
Little FUNC went in search of
 the pony wi' the feet...

He searched the hillside far and near
But all was silent, no dancin' here.

He searched the spot he'd seen them last, 
"am I too late?" he thought aghast.

The more he looked around this place
the more the hope fell from his face

"I wanna make a cool new friend,
but I am on the clock! 
 I'm really startin to wonder now
is there life on this ol' rock?!"

"Its a sign!" shouted FUNCy when this did he spot
"maybe Otters are the friend for me?"
But he waited and waited and saw not a lot
so they must have all been out at sea.

Away in the distance FUNC spotted some sheep
but they just did not want to come play.. 
"RUDE!" thought our FUNC from the sociable south
"thats not how its done round my way."

But wait!  Look there!
Is it really?!  Lets Detour!
Even up close
 little FUNC wasn't sure.

They were cheeky, short and fat,
with the hair and all that,
(now they're sounding a lot like his guide)
Despite no disco scene 
our wee FUNC, being green
 got stuck in with the charm, how he tried.

"hey there cutie, lets jive"

but events took a dive

FUNCy just missed being eaten alive!!!

Thanks be to that bloke or our FUNC might be broke
and in need of a jolly good soak.

"Sheesh!  Little Divas" our FUNC seemed to say 
as he gladly returned to the car
"cute they may be" I advised with a smile
"but they're best when they're viewed from a far!"

We was cold and fed up and the car even told us
it was time to get back to the warm.
And would you believe it, on the sofa right there was
a wee mate in kitty cat form!

Just what will little FUNCy do next?  Stay tuned....

NB.  No needle cases were harmed in the production of this post - although a safety pin with a heavy ball of yarn tied to it did have to be attached or little FUNCy would be half way to Iceland by now...

and big thanks to blokey for the driving, the posing and the phototaking.  And I'm sorry, yes, I should have let you dust the car before I took that photo.  (weirdo.)


  1. ROFLMAO, I'd not seen the video at the top first, but I'm so glad you introduced us :oD

    Dust the car though?! Serious weirdo...

  2. Only recently saw the ad, love it! Dust the car? Really? Complete weirdo .... Just ain't happening!

  3. Love that ad. You certainly showed FUNC a good time! Loving the rhyming. Di x

  4. I dusted my car before I gave Susan a lift!!!
    You are crackers in the most wonderful way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. You dusted your car?!!!! For me? Really????? But you know I am a housework dyslexic.

  5. Absolutely brilliant post! Love it!! And is that the original FUNC? Where did he disappear to for so very, very long?!!

  6. Ok wait....I have heard rumor we are supposed to dust our house, but our car??? Really!?!?!?!? So very forgiven!!! Glad FUNC is enjoying himself! Eon (I will never get that right) would have hated to miss all hat excitement!!

  7. Ha, ha, you are bonkers, that is fab, and i love the advert! :o)

  8. It was worth waiting every day! Hilarious!

    I would love to come over to this gorgeous place you are living! I am sure FUNC had a brilliant time with you and I wish him a pleasant journey to the next stop!

  9. Barking mad woman! Barking mad x

  10. Dust the car!!! Glad he can't see mine. Brilliant post :-)

  11. Ha! I so enjoyed this post. Thank you :)

  12. ROFL! Hilarious post S! I've just tried to explain to hubby all about Funcy. he thinks we're all nutters (like he didn't before!). Jxo

  13. lol, love it, we did the same with a snail years ago, (don't ask) have you tried pony mixer, just wasted half an hour this morning on it :)

  14. Brilliant. Thank you! Such a good advert for Shetland. Not sure about that talk of dusting the car though......Juliex

  15. Hilarious and definitely worth the wait - that FUNC gets around!

  16. Oh, such fun. I love the dancing ponies and I remember when I took that FUNK to West Edmonton Mall, I am glad he is out and about seeing the sights.

  17. ROFLMFAO. Too funny. Although are you house bound for 3 months at a time when himself is away?

  18. Oh this is so funny and you are a talented poet too...who knew it. The Func looks very happy to stay with you....no wonder it has been with you 3 months.....I think it wants to stay longer!

  19. Absolute Genius! I've laughed so hard reading your clever wit. You rock!!! :Dx

  20. I've had a lovely ten minutes catching up, the envelope blocks are super, could they be paper pieced? A whole quilt would be such fun! The geese look great, and I love the poem and the photos, he's very patient isn't he! Have a great time away

  21. Sarah, you rock :) no wonder the FUNC has stayed with you so long.
    And you've had beautiful weather again. (OK, I know it was cold, but still)

  22. It's official, you're bonkers, crack me up funny bonkers though :) x

  23. I don't think I'd quite appreciated what a stunning place you live...although it looks mighty cold!